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SIMURG is an engineering company established in 2020 with the aim of increasing renewable energy investments and extending the model of providing carbon neutral energy to electric cars, which are new transportation vehicles, in today's world where energy production is rapidly evolving.

Our mission as SIMURG; first of all, by providing solutions that facilitate solar energy investments, to obtain more added value from investments and to ensure the widespread use of solar power plants. SIMURG aims to ensure that electric car users can travel freely to every corner of our country with their electric vehicle, without worrying about energy, with high-speed DC charging stations on inter-city roads, medium-speed DC charging stations in central locations in cities, AC charging stations in shopping malls, homes and offices.

We are working to meet the electricity needs with off-grid solar energy systems in places where there is no grid, and to provide clean and cheap charging opportunities to our valuable users with domestic AC charging units.

SIMURG leads long-term studies together with investors and business partners, and sees its users as a real stakeholder. The basis of SIMURG is not a need-based, but a cooperation-based progress.

We wholeheartedly believe in the natural resources of our country and the potential of our investors and users. With this belief, we increase our work and projects day by day.

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